Static Zone Podcast

SZP 020: Resident Evil (2002) Retrospective

June 29, 2022

"When I get outta here... think I'm gonna get laid."


Remember when Nu Metal was called Industrial music and we still used flip phones while cruisin' the streets in cars with neons as rad as our frosted tips? Hella good times it's 2002, peeps! And we watched the first Resident Evil movie!

Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez kick off the saga that drove Scotty insane while Corey sat back livin' that edge lord life. Will the nostalgia be strong enough to get the Static (X) Zone boyz through this movie?! Find out now!


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Static Zone | Scott aka "ScottyMoFoSho" | Corey aka "TornadoJones"


Musical Credit:

"Magical Soul Shower" by Rexy feat. Xenon Odyssey

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