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SZP 017 Super Mario Bros (1993) Retrospective

April 29, 2022

"This Ain't No Game!"


You have to "trust the fungus" on this one because we actually enjoyed it. In fact, did Mario beat Sonic to the punch? Maybe he didn't beat him financially, but this film will probably age better than Limp Bizkit jokes and long-winded wedding scenes.


Video game movies get a bad rap, and this movie is totally to blame. That in mind, grab your Reebok-branded stompers, order a pizza, and settle down for a wild ride that only 1993 could bring you. It's Super Mario Bros!


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Static Zone | Scott aka "ScottyMoFoSho" | Corey aka "TornadoJones"


Musical Credit:

"Magical Soul Shower" by Rexy feat. Xenon Odyssey

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