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SZP 015 Strange Invaders (1983) Retrospective

April 1, 2022

"25 Years ago, they arrived from another galaxy. Surprise. They're still here."

You ever watch a movie and think, "Is this a classic movie that I just don't understand?... No I think it's actually horrible." Well, let's just say we each thought half of that for this week's choice: Strange Invaders!

If small towns could talk then they would probably ask why this movie ever happened. It seems that the 80s birthed some amazing things, and then also this movie. But really, Scotty loved it, so what's that say about him? And did this movie just create a plot device stolen by the MCU?


Paul Le Mat's Website, yeah buddy!


PSA: We are not moving to weekly releases but needed to change our schedule a bit, so we hope you enjoy the brief rapid-fire release! Next episode we return to the bi-weekly release. Thanks!


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Musical Credit:

"Magical Soul Shower" by Rexy feat. Xenon Odyssey

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